One of the trickiest parts of managing a team is giving honest feedback, in a way that doesn’t come across as too harsh. Here are three ideas on how to give constructive feedback to an employee.

To give effective feedback, connecting is key. (Credit: Thrive Global)

There are a lot of ways to maximize your work environment, and particularly your home office, to enhance your ability to work efficiently. Having a space you can close off from family or housemate interruptions is key. A comfortable chair will save your back, and getting your computer and other equipment in an ergonomic setup will set the environment you need to work well.

After creating the nest where you can get the solitude and comfort you need to work uninterrupted — play binaural beats or soundscapes to enhance your focus. Wa? These are background sounds, and having a light…

Credit: The Colorado Independent

It’s good to learn from experience, and a bad experience can serve as a good example of what not to do.

Today, most folks agree our nation is in trouble, with multiple problems and a variety of disputes on how to resolve them. Rather than bringing people together to tackle these tough societal struggles, President Trump is choosing sides, ignoring the best ideas, and picking fights with the people who have real solutions. It’s a great example of inferior leadership.

Thanks President Trump; you’re serving as a good example of how not to lead.

Before discussing a litany of Trump’s…

George Floyd Memorial in Minneapolis (

Terrible headline, I know, but that’s what’s going on in America today. It’s disgusting and needs to stop immediately. There is a way forward, and we need to get moving fast.

In the past month, we’ve seen a non-violent, handcuffed black man executed in broad daylight by four rogue police officers, people ironically charged by society with keeping the peace. If a black man killed anyone in broad daylight and on video, let alone a police officer, they would be locked up in seconds, no questions asked. …

Ok, that is a controversial headline. But it’s true. Hear me out.

(Source: Mother Nature Network)

In the 1990s I was a junior executive at a company that sponsored a major conference. I was a key planner and facilitator, so I was compelled to go. Problem was, the day before I was scheduled to depart, I got sick. Common cold I thought, but it could have been the flu. Bottom line, I felt rotten.

I can still remember the outcast feeling, sneezing and coughing on the airplane from DC to Dallas, as everyone nearby shot me dirty looks. …

There has never been a more important time to connect with each other.

Social distancing is absolutely vital during this dangerous pandemic as there are only a few ways to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Number one, of course, is staying home, and staying away from others. Washing hands, wiping down surfaces, wearing a mask or mouth covering when going out, and getting tested and treated if you are sick are also keys to stopping this menace.

But there’s another sickness we need to watch out for: Loneliness.

Because we’re social distancing, we’re not having the natural interactions we…

Leaders must show up, act, stay connected with their people, and be honest

You are a leader. Whether you are a manager or not, you have the ability to take action, right now, to make your world and the people in it, better.

This could be you going to the supermarket or drug store and checking in with neighbors to see if they need anything (besides toilet paper). It could be calling relatives, friends, colleagues, and those who may not have people checking in with them. It could be you seeing something wrong in your neighborhood or at work and taking action to see it fixed.

That’s leadership.

If you’re a manager, it’s…

Recently I showed up a few minutes late to a luncheon with about 20 colleagues. The two hosts got up to give me a warm greeting, with a full-on handshake. Immediately we looked at each other in horror; we shouldn’t be doing this! Coronavirus! But how the heck should we be greeting each other?

Coronavirus is upon us. It’s serious and in some cases, it can be deadly. And it’s driving everyone crazy.

Suddenly everyone is washing their hands, which is what they should be doing anyway. 21 seconds. Sing Happy Birthday twice while washing. Hand sanitizer has mostly sold…

This is a note of encouragement for everyone, whether you are in a relationship or hope to be in one. Reach out. When we do, when we take initiative to start a conversation, people nearly always engage and appreciate it.

If you’ve ever ridden on a subway or commuter train, you know that it’s a pretty quiet experience. The train is filled with riders jammed together, with dozens of people in close proximity, and no one talking! Just about everyone is plugged into their music and reading on their phones, tablets, and occasionally, reading an actual newspaper.

Researchers wanted to…

What can we learn from good and bad airline experiences? Credit: andresr

In early 2020, the Wall Street Journal ranked airlines from first to worst in customer service. Having read the ranking article,’s Chris Matyszczyk had an upcoming cross-country business trip and decided to fly the two airlines to see if he could tell the difference himself. Simply put, yes, he could.

First, Chris flew from San Francisco to Miami on American Airlines, rated worst. He had no idea what he’d find in terms of service, good or bad; he just looked for anything he could use to differentiate his two flight experiences.

In a nutshell, poor human interaction was the…

Barry Moline

Barry Moline is a 25+ year CEO. He wrote a book, Connect!, on how to build great teams. He also speaks regularly on Teamwork and Leadership.

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